Monday, April 2, 2012

One Year of EM Lit of Note!

Happy Birthday to my blog - one year old.  No longer neonatal, but still an infant.

Blogging has been interesting - it is, indeed, time-consuming to read all these articles.  However, I'd be reading them regardless - so the time commitment is mostly the part with the typing.  Luckily, in academics, your clinical time is scaled down specifically to encourage these sorts of activities (although, blogging has so far only been parlayed into an endowed chair by Michele Lin).  And operating a blog is nothing like the amazing podcasts other folks put together - I have no idea how they do it.

At the moment, we're on a schedule of a post every other day or so - and up to about 11,000 views per month.  In contrast, my article in JAMA from last summer has been downloaded 2,250 times.  Which has more value?  So far, the blog seems to be leading to more opportunities.  The traditional model of knowledge and opinion dissemination in medicine is certainly shifting.

Firefox and Safari are literally tied at 30% of my site traffic, as well as Macintosh vs. Windows at 30%.  Australia is in second place behind the U.S., and counts for about 10% of my traffic.

The top five most frequently viewed articles:
#1. Yet Another Highly Sensitive Troponin - In JAMA
#2. Too Many Traumatic Arrests Are Transported
#3. Cardiology Corner - More Brugada Tidbits
#4. C-Collars Cannot Stabilize Unstable Injuries
#5. Must We Use Paracetamol/Acetaminophen?

Thank for reading!


  1. Congratulations!!! Loooking forward to many more. Keep'em coming :-)

  2. happy birthday! Great work Ryan and I encourage you to maintain the rage. One of your many fans from Down Under!

  3. Happy birthday! Keep up the great work, you're improving my practice with every post.

  4. Thanks for a great year. Looking forward to many more!


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