Beware Good Times; Beware!

I imagine some of you are active travelers, eating on the go. Perhaps you have business interests and frequently dine out of the home. Sadly, your rock and roll lifestyle may yet be the end of you.

This is an interesting analysis of the “Progression of Early Subclinical Atherosclerosis” study, breaking down participants into dietary spectra. Based on cross-sectional analysis of the reported eating habits of participants, there were three distinct dietary patterns cohorted together: Mediterranean, Western, and and a “social-business” eating pattern. Approximately 40% were in each the Mediterranean and Western cohorts, with the remainder in “social-business”. The general attributes of each diet are shown in the figure below:

eating patterns image

The finding of note – after all participants underwent atherosclerotic screening tests – is that the “social-business” pattern of consumption is, quite obviously, the highest risk for disease progression. Whereas the Mediterranean cohort had only 36% with generalized or intermediate atherosclerosis, the “social-business” cohort totaled an impressive 68%. The Western diet was slightly above the Mediterranean, at 41%.

Stay healthy, my friends.

“Association Between a Social-Business Eating Pattern and Early Asymptomatic Atherosclerosis”