A “Positive” Primary Outcome for PEITHO

Yet, by “positive”, as we all too often see, the underlying data comes with a surprise twist. The Pulmonary Embolism Thrombolysis (PEITHO) trial evaluates single-dose tenecteplase added to conventional heparin therapy for the treatment of “intermediate risk” acute pulmonary embolism.  This includes patients with pulmonary embolism, right ventricular dysfunction on imaging, and elevated cardiac biomarkers. … Continue reading “A “Positive” Primary Outcome for PEITHO”

Dueling PE Meta-Analyses

A guest post by Rory Spiegel (@EMNerd_) who blogs on nihilism and the art of doing nothing at emnerd.com. Nothing sparks controversy quite like a discussion on the utility of thrombolytics. No sooner had the wave of debate brought on by the publication of the PEITHO trial and its finding of no overall mortality benefit … Continue reading “Dueling PE Meta-Analyses”